Taking the bus to the UK

No no easy jet or Ryanair just take the good old ferry to get to Hull. The first step very much alike our low cost friends is to plunge on the website of PO ferries. They looked at the competition, 10 years ago and do not notice yet the giant leap which has been made in customer friendly on line reservation. Really guys this can also be a pleasant experience… I decided to make an reservation and made is to the payment with obligatory credit card. Not mind blowing but I made it to the finish line. At least that was what I was thinking. The verification process at MasterCard went perfect. Suddenly a red bar indicted that they couldn’t sell this trip anymore for the adverted price and now I was given the opportunity to buy it at a new (presumably not lower) price which was not shown. I tried it several times, unsuccessful. Not in a very good mood I started all over again and remarkably the ‘cookie’ remembered all my personal details and the calculator added 38 € to the first mentioned amount(266€), all in 4 minutes?!
My holiday was starting so I decided to take it.
When you buy something in a store the good/service have to be sold at the price which is indicated even if this is the not the right price. Imagine you end up at the cash register and the cashier tell you that the line was to long and he is forced to sell it at twice the price. At P&O this is not the case!
The experience on the trip doesn’t differ a lot. At the dinner which I have payed in advance up selling is done in a very unpleasant manner. It is a sad atmosphere of a company that do not adapt to the full Monty and pick and choose what the management report is demanding. Obviously I will not take a P&O ferry again soon.


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