picnic for free

a morning after the kids went out last night we talked about missed opportunity to meet the girl of their dreams or the boy who was looking at them all night. The biggest issue was the had to pay an entrance fee for the bar. 8 euros! Of course a lot of money for them but they had some sponsors because of the holidays that couldn’t be the case. They told they almost spent no money on drinks at any bar. They drink at home and than go out very late at night. Even the 50cents for the toliet have to be saved by entering that one bar where it is free at a strategic time. They are not an exception and it is along all ages. A few months ago we visited a festival called the rolling kitchens. Pretty obvious what to expect. A fantastic offering of food and drinks enjoying a superb sunshine all day. Of course a lot people did what you would expect and bought their food and drinks at the hardworking cooks behind the stoves. Relaxing on a bench I saw an interesting phenomenon. Four girls aged early thirties well educated good careers opened their bags and started a picnic. They opened the wine cut the cheese and laughed the rest of the night. Looking more closely a noticed a lot of these groups of men and women. Why ? are they poor no absolutely not. Of course the kids don’t have a lot to spent so I can understand a their barn drinking. Is it their smartphone taking a large part of their budget. Or is facebook forcing you to show how often you do great things and you can;t afford them all? Or are we getting to enjoy for free through the internet that we do not want to pay or more friendly we do not realize the bar owner cannot make a living when he doesn’t ask you a price to enter. Interesting because it is challenging the old business models. Maybe he should add extra by offering a DJ or so. The challenge for these festivals is not to increase prices further or also ask an entrance fee. the bar is high when you realize that even a picnic is not for free.


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